The Best End-To-End Blockchain and Crypto Development Services

Our hunger for blockchain technology has steered us forward to indulge in providing industry-leading NFT development services, cryptocurrency exchange development, launchpad development, DeFi development, and extensive crypto marketing services. Our first-string development services will exactly fit in the bill of your business proposal. Get a glimpse of our development solutions right below!

Unique Technology Solutions Brought To You, By Us!

By crafting innovative blockchain development solutions in harmony with your specific needs, our prolific team creates one of the advanced online platforms. We are not just your standard development partners but are a team of passionate people driven by a perennial need to offer only the best blockchain solutions and deliver uplifting business results.



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We are intriguers. We are go-getters. A team full of enthusiasts who never settle for good but keep working for great and latest solutions that will enrich your business. From the beginning as yet, our team has developed hundreds and thousands of applications that have grounds in blockchain technology for many enterprise clients across the globe.

Being a custom blockchain developer, we tackle the entire lifecycle of your platform development from planning and strategy, UI/UX design, front-end development, and back-end development, QA testing to delivering the platform on the mutually agreed deadline. Our team stems blockchain platform development with the latest technologies and techniques.

Exclusive NFT Marketplace
Development Services

Develop an NFT trading platform that is open to trading any sort of Non-Fungible Tokens. Our robust NFT marketplace development solution ensures unhindered trading of NFTs. We build the NFT marketplace on the blockchain technology that you point out.


A befitting opportunity to pull in sports freaks is here in the attire of our NFT sports marketplace development solutions. Our NFT marketplace for sports lets platform users tokenize different in-game collectibles while enjoying the entire gameplay.


Stand an absolute chance to club together music artists that wish to monetize their creations without middlemen by launching a dedicated music NFT marketplace. On a music NFT marketplace, artists can tokenize their lyrics, compositions, live performances, teaching sessions, etc., and overall secure the ownership of their creations.


NFT launchpad is the need of the hour for NFT projects since thousands of projects attain funds and recognition by getting listed on the launchpad. We can develop you an NFT launchpad for different types of fundraising models like ICO, IDO, IFO, IGO, IEO, etc.


Blockchain Development Services

Being digital currencies, cryptocurrencies facilitates users in trading or financial transactions without the employment of any intermediaries and in the most secure way. We provide cryptocurrency development services where you can come up with ideas to develop cryptocurrencies similar to the eminent ones, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.


Set up a stage for trading cryptocurrencies without hitches by acquiring our white-label cryptocurrency exchange development solutions. With advanced trading options and a powerful trading engine, our cryptocurrency exchange development solution will ease out technical hindrances.


We develop reliable crypto wallets that hold the purpose of storing private keys, which will let users access their cryptocurrencies stored on the blockchain network. Crucially, we have a spectrum of crypto wallet development solutions for specific cryptocurrencies as well as multiple cryptocurrencies as well.


Embark on your journey in the metaverse with our pre-eminent development services. Metaverse is the new-age technological upheaval that facilitates users to indulge in trading assets, socialize with people, play/earn, hold/participate in events and just anything that we do in the real world. Our experts at cryptolancerapp know the pulse of the metaverse buffs and have devised a large assortment of development services that carry supreme functionalities.


DeFi is a budding yet promising financial technology that is established on secure distributed ledgers and strips off commission fees, unlike traditional financial institutions. Leverage the advantage of our DeFi platform development services to explore FinTech. We have a spectrum of DeFi development solutions for developing DApps, tokens, smart contracts, wallets, and platform development solutions for staking, lending, insurance, etc.


Crypto Launch Services

With a seasoned team of blockchain nerds, we provide ICO development solutions that cover white-paper documentation to token development to post-launch support. We can tailor-develop the ICO software for listing projects from a diverse range of sectors, like real estate, healthcare, travel/tourism, education, entertainment, etc. Launch a fully-functional ICO launchpad that makes the way for exhibiting ingenious crypto projects and gathering funds.


Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is the new-age fundraising hypothesis for bootstrap projects that have their base on blockchain technology. The chief characteristic vested in IDO is the fair fundraising method. If you want to exhibit the stage for nascent blockchain projects, get our white-label IDO launchpad development solutions.


IGO launchpads focus on exposing crypto-based gaming projects that seek funding. By investing in such bootstrap gaming projects, early investors have the possibilities of taking home utility values, which can be redeemed once the project becomes live. Piquing your interest? Strike up at our white-label IGO launchpad solutions. In parallel, we provide launchpad development services for crowdfunding platforms like Initial Farm Offering (IFO), Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO), Initial Insurance Offering (IIO), etc.


Security Token Offering (STO) is a way of representing the share of investors in a secured way, where the token is etched on the blockchain. cryptolancerapp is a frontier in developing security tokens for multiple categories of assets.


Marketing Services

Zeroing in on your potential NFT buyers is easy as pie with our dynamic NFT marketing services. From comprehending your audiences to organizing marketing campaigns to tracking the gross performance, our marketers will ace the job.


You are at the right spot if you are seeking full-fledged marketing services for your crypto projects. We provide marketing services for amplifying cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges and for projects like IDO/IGO/IEO/IIO/IFO. Our competent marketers know the knack for pitching your project to the right set of audiences.


Discord lets you create an engaging community, thereby setting up the laying stone for interacting with target audiences. We offer sensible Discord marketing services for a wide array of projects, like online/ NFT gaming, NFTs, and a horde of blockchain projects.


Products & Solutions To Nail With Your Business

How Do We Carry Out
The Blockchain & Crypto Development Process?

Our work and the steps we take for every project are starkly different from each project. In most cases, the platform development process will be effectuated by:

Getting the hang of business requirements

Capping the scope and development techniques and technologies

Prototyping with platform functionality architecture design

Sketching the platform’s visuals and interface

Project management and encoding

Integrating third-party APIs for the platform

Testing the platform for user acceptance

Platform maintenance and lifetime support

Tools And Technologies That We Effectuate

Explore the best set of tools and technologies that we work on to deliver you amazing mobile applications.

  • Ethereum

  • TRON

  • Cardano

  • FLOW

  • EOS

  • Binance SmartChain

  • Tezos

  • Polkadot

  • Polygon etc.

  • Angular

  • React

  • Hue

  • IPFS

  • Filecoin

  • Pinata

  • ERC-721

  • ERC-998

  • ERC-1155

  • dGoods

  • FA2

  • TRC-721

  • BEP-721

Why Choose cryptolancerapp
For Blockchain Development Services?

Presuming that you require enterprise blockchain development services from an intellectual team, cryptolancerapp perfectly fits your requirements. Our blockchain developers are experts who have hands-on experience in delivering a wide range of projects for business clients. Using our solutions, you can witness the true potential of blockchain in this digital era and amplify your business growth.

Some reasons that prove the said statement:

Highly innovative and motivated teams

Abidance to quality & security

Ideas locked in the farthest corners of our minds

In-depth knowledge in the sphere of activity

Business-centric approach

Non-disclosure agreement

Transparency & ethics

Guaranteed novelty

DevOps Enablement