Launch Your White-label Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Cryptocurrencies!. The world would have never thought that this word would hold such power now. From being inconspicuous to being the most trending topic in the business ecosystem, it is better understood how much benefits and worth it has brought. Though requirements like secure and transparent transactions were still there, cryptocurrencies took it to the superlative level.

Owing to these advantages, many established companies and small businesses are launching their own cryptos to transform the ordeals. Dealing with the subject of cryptocurrencies, they have not just transformed the financial paradigm, but have also settled the scene for bountiful returns, making it an ideal investment option. What more will the traders need? By all means, they have steered towards the Crypto exchange software to make the most out of the favourable market conditions.

This has triggered off the growing demand for Cryptocurrency exchange software development. So, if you are on standby to launch one, then act soon to tap into this lucrative market and unveil new revenue streams!

What Is Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Cryptocurrency exchange script is a pre-engineered solution for a platform to manage seamless trading of digital assets like Bitcoin, Ether (ETH), Litecoin, Ripple, etc. It is power-packed with robust features for trading, liquidity, security, wallet support, payment options, launchpads, KYC, trading chart view, and more.

The robust script ensures accountability and transparency in transactions. We can help you build both centralised and a decentralised exchange. The exchange platform for crypto assets can be developed on the blockchain of your choice, let’s say Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Flow, PolkaDot, etc. Also, the front-end design of the platform can be personalized with themes based on your logo and business idea. Connect with us to get this stellar crypto exchange script.

Key Features
Of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Meet the wonderful white-label Cryptocurrency exchange development solution, synthesised with eminent features culminating in nothing but what is called the superior Cryptocurrency exchange platform.

  • High Transactions Per Second (TPS)Our Cryptocurrency trading software offers incredible performance and strives to be resilient to withstand upto 100,000 transactions per second. Therefore, the trading performance is intense, that there is nothing going to stop you from becoming the emperor of the crypto kingdom!

  • Multi-layer SecurityYou can bet on the software to be the most secure cryptocurrency exchange platform, for it contains advanced security solutions such as anti-DDoS protection, SSL implementation, two-factor authentication. Therefore it ensures additional login security, encrypted access, and also automatic limits for withdrawal.

  • Cryptocurrency and Fiat SupportOur Bitcoin trading script supports multiple currencies, inclusive of popular fiat and cryptocurrencies. Alongside, you can integrate any currency into the exchange in the future. A trendsetting white-label Bitcoin exchange script indeed!

  • KYC and AMLA rock-hard security system stands in place through Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification mechanisms to avoid money laundering from the exchange’s digital wallets.

  • Powerful Trade EngineThe trading engine of the Cryptocurrency trading software offers the finest experience with next to no latency. The software offers built-in order types for a limit order, market order, and stop order.

  • Liquidity OptionThe software has a secure API connection with the leading external exchanges so that a buyer gets the right seller. The cryptocurrencies witness high liquidity soon.

Set Forth Your Crypto Venture With Our Breathtaking Bitcoin Exchange Script

Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

  • Margin Trading Exchange Development An exchange integrated with margin trading can be a feasible choice, considering the recent trends of the market. Users can borrow a specific amount of funds to increase their order size and augment their gain from profitable trades. Our development service extends to margin trading exchange development empowers the users to keep their gains only upscaling, without fearing about the market swings and stunts!. Investors can earn up to 100x leverage by taking either short or long positions on their crypto assets.

  • NFT Exchange DevelopmentThe cosmic growth of the NFT market has escalated than anyone could have predicted. It has increased the demand for NFT exchange development. Looking at this pulse, we offer a comprehensive NFT exchange software that enables secure trading of a spectrum of NFT Tokens. The NFT exchange platform is developed with terrific technology to meet the standards of global users.

  • Security Token Exchange DevelopmentHaving persisted in this field for years, our expertise in blockchain technology has equipped us with a knowledge of developing the most advanced and trusted security token exchange development company. As a reliable Crypto exchange development company, our Security Token Offering (STO) exchange development services comprise all development aspects from designing the functionalities to ensuring a high level of performance, security, and stability.

  • P2P Exchange DevelopmentThe P2P exchange software that we develop provides a flexible, interactive, and secure trading environment for end-users. Just like how a normal digital payment takes place, the users can have fast and safe transactions that could be compared to lighting speed! The security is foolproof as every module of the software is developed using different encryption methods.

  • Centralized Exchange DevelopmentProvide potential and a stable trading platform infused with a powerful trading engine and faster order processing. Our Centralized exchange development service starts and ends successfully with a goal to provide world-class software that is scalable, secure, and has a friendly user interface. This will give you a huge edge over your competitors in the industry.

  • Decentralized Exchange Development Privacy and security being the two important traits of a Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange make it stand apart for years now. And to aid you with the development of such a pulsating platform, our skilled blockchain developers have come up with a fast and scalable Decentralized trading platform operated by the sturdy Ethereum smart contract. Embolden yourself to get showered with profits!

Launch Your Exchange Platform With Our Leading Crypto Exchange Clone Scripts

LocalBitcoins Clone ScriptKickstart a P2P trading platform similar in power to a trading platform like LocalBitcoins and open up new opportunities for over-the-counter trading.

Paxful Clone ScriptRedefine what the world calls a safe and secure platform by launching a peer-to-peer (P2P) network-based Bitcoin exchange script by launching our Paxful clone.

Binance Clone ScriptLaunch a readymade Cryptocurrency exchange website and boost your user base more easily than you could have imagined!

Remitano Clone Script A P2P escrowed crypto trading platform that facilitates hassle-free exchange, withdrawal of both fiat and cryptocurrencies. All-in-all is the best adjective to describe this script!

DDEX Clone ScriptAn exclusive platform for decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens is now available for launch. With the dexterity and extraordinary functionalities of the platform, all it takes is just a few seconds for order matching and settlement. Credits to the open-source Hydro Protocol technology!

Kraken Clone ScriptFind the distinct layers of security features piled up together to make the trading secure and reliant. Propel an exchange platform that lets people exchange cryptocurrencies against various fiat currencies. A perfect chance that is not to be missed!

Coinbase Clone ScriptRaise your own crypto currency exchange website like Coinbase. Engraved with top operationalities that helps in managing and protecting portfolios to the maximum degree, which the people would not find anywhere else!

Unocoin Clone ScriptSet in motion a leading crypto assets management company, glazed with elements that aids in easy trading, storing and utilization of valuable Bitcoin. Universal user base is the next goal, what say?!

Ziglu Clone ScriptA nifty Crypto exchange script to enable people to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency in the most secure way possible. A bridge that connects the worlds of cash and crypto, in short.

Poloniex Clone ScriptA perfect replica of the famous crypto exchange platform, Poloniex, that contains advanced security and trading components to ensure hassle-free peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.

Bitstamp Clone ScriptPresenting the leading and resilient cryptocurrency exchange clone website script that is completely debugged, multi-tested and checked by our experts to withstand for now and forever.

KuCoin Clone ScriptA cryptocurrency exchange software that contains only the best properties and highlights of the most popular KuCoin. Word-class security and execution, right at your fingertips.

WazirX Clone ScriptInitiate speedy and safe trading with the upgraded interface that offers real-time open order books and transaction records. Make the trading experience a kicky affair!

OKEx Clone ScriptOffer a reliable and safe environment for your users with the OKEx clone script. Intensify your visibility via providing both mobile and web trading facilities.

Zebpay Clone ScriptSend into orbit a software, studded with features like cold wallet, top-notch security measures, and dynamic privacy to help you lead the crypto market.

Huobi Clone ScriptLaunch a leading and secure Bitcoin and Ethereum trading platform that makes operations like derivative trading, margin trading, and spot trading as easy as pie.

Bithumb Clone ScriptOur Bithumb clone script is something that you cannot wish to ignore, if winning the market is your aim! The solution is nothing short of the famous Bithumb, as it contains all embellished features of the brand itself.

BitForex Clone ScriptProvide a high liquidity trading environment for a myriad of cryptocurrencies with lightning speed trading and an unbeatable efficiency.

IDEX Clone ScriptAcquire an advanced Cryptocurrency trading platform that has a high-performance trading engine and distinct security measures. A second is all needed to make a secure transaction!

Bitfinex Clone ScriptOffer an eminent trading experience to your users. The Bitfinex clone contains advanced charting functionality tools, through which people can visualize orders, positions, and price alerts. Next stop, the crypto market top!

BtcTurk Clone ScriptGet yourself a crypto exchange script like BtcTurk that offers an outstanding crypto trading experience with a flexible fee structure and military-grade digital wallets. Relentlessness is its adjective!

Bitvavo Clone ScriptWhat you consider a dream now, can be turned into a reality soon with the Bitvavo clone. Studded with features like an advanced interface, multiple payment options, trading of numerous digital assets.

Genesis Mining Clone ScriptThe script can offer you dynamic mining contracts with hashpower. There is not a shadow of a doubt that this is going to be the leading hashpower provider for cryptocurrencies besides Genesis Mining. Try it yourself!

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development

cryptolancerapp has a team of skilled cryptocurrency app developers who have designed, developed and deployed the most successful cryptocurrency exchange apps on both Android and iOS platforms. We also provide tenacious cryptocurrency wallet development services comprising desktop, hardware, software, and web wallets.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange App Let users count on the easiest crypto exchange they have never witnessed before! Increase the trader’s count and lay the groundwork for secure trading and instant benefits.

    Decentralized Exchange AppStir up a user-friendly Decentralised Exchange app. Real-time trading features and arresting UI/UX are at the stack for both Android and iOS users to let them foray into the world of DeFi like sailing.

    Cryptocurrency Wallet AppGreater user traction is right around the corner if you give what users want. So, why stop it? Launch a crypto wallet app like the Trust Wallet, integrate it with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network, through which buying, selling and managing cryptocurrencies is as easy as pie.

Our Cryptocurrency Trading Script Offers

Client App Dashboard

  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Order book to view prices of digital assets on the platform
  • Balance of hot wallets of all cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies
  • Open orders viewing through eye-catching charts and graphs
  • Round-the-clock order history
  • Display of real-time crypto trading prices based on time period

Admin Panel

  • A data-rich dashboard showing buy-sell transactions, send or receive transactions, and users
  • Real-time view of exchange and transactions filtered by time period
  • A panoramic view of user details and status of user documents
  • Complete details of transactions like amount, transaction ID, timestamp, and description of transactions
  • Displays details like email ID, description and timestamp of receiver or sender, etc

Order Book

  • Pending transactions for authorization by the admin are shown here
  • The dashboard displays the real-time balance of various cryptocurrencies
  • Shows an overview of cryptocurrency node balance for different currencies
  • Displays information like name, email ID, phone, amount and the beneficiary bank details, and the transaction status

Prime Features Of Our Crypto Exchange Script

  • Atomic SwapThe users can easily swap coins off-chain using advanced Escrow methodology. The software is powered with a sturdy smart contract that adds more intelligence to this crypto exchange platform. You can literally see the future of the crypto world!

  • Referral ProgramWhy must rewards or incentives just stop with ecommerce and on-demand sites? Distribute rewards and incentives to your users through the referral and reward program. Boosted visibility and boasted brand name is all yours to experience!

  • Live TrackerA real-time display of the price change of most popular cryptocurrencies for the users to make informed decisions. Our software wastes no time in loading the latest data!

  • Hot WalletUsing our crypto exchange software offers a hot wallet feature that saves multiple currencies online with different signatures. Security, done and dusted!

  • Advanced Chart Tools An enchanting graphical trading experience displayed for a complete insight into the orders, positions, so that they can come up with a masterful trading strategy and become stinking rich!

  • Swift Trading Making trading easier is what our goal is, and we will prove it in every step! Our superb software helps users accurately match their buy and sell orders, process transactions and start trading in a jiffy!

  • P2P Exchange Option This is an all-inclusive trading platform that makes dealing in digital assets a cakewalk. The P2P exchange feature can be leveraged to make it run a Binance like Peer-to-Peer exchange platform.

  • Staking The Cryptocurrency exchange software is all about earning rewards, higher returns and uncountable profits! Adding to it, this feature allows users to stake their crypto assets for a certain period. Hence, they earn staking rewards apart from their crypto holdings.

  • Order Books and Visual Graphics Let your users make their next move tentatively with a sophisticated order book and visual graphics which provide them a holistic view of the current activities in the market.

  • Over-the-Counter (OTC) TradingOffer a limitation-free exchange experience to the users and a wide range of assets that they could buy and sell as quick as a flash!. Traders get benefits like adequate liquidity, high transparency, and price stability.

  • Simplified KYCEnsure the best quality and trust of your cryptocurrency exchange software with a straightforward Know Your Customer (KYC) feature. Now you can authenticate the documents submitted by the new users instantly.

  • CMS DashboardSustain the success rate of your software by retaining the existing users of the software with engaging blogs and newsletters informing them of current trends and updates in your exchange platform.

  • User Management Have a bird’s eye view of the entire Bitcoin exchange software and all the users. All the ongoing trading activities of all users are displayed in a distinct. Crystal clear!

  • Reports and AnalyticsProgress is the first step to success. Have a tab over the performance of your trading software with the real-time analytics to identify the preferences, pain points and new developments in the market as well!

  • Transaction HistoryEliminate all forgeries and hacking attacks in the software by maintaining records of every peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction. Reliability and transparency at your side, and frauds miles away!

  • Data Encryption Exchange of fiat or crypto, yes. But exchange or manipulation of data? Definitely not! The software comes with data encryption that protects user credentials and keeps information highly confidential.

  • HTTP Authentication and Jail Login For stringent security, HTTP authentication tokens are leveraged. Breaking into the software or any phishing attacks is a foregone story with this feature. Multiple login attempts fail for a certain time to avoid unauthorized access.

  • Anti-Denial of Service (DoS) and Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Our Bitcoin exchange software protects the exchange from large requests that are sent to the server and also defends the exchange from intense traffic simultaneously originating from many sources.

  • Cross-site Request Forgery Protection (CSRF) and Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection Defends the software in various ways like preventing software from state-changing requests, unwanted user actions, and attacks from web applications. Irrepressible security is what the clients call it!

  • Multi-currency Wallet A house of cryptocurrency trading, and how can we just allow only one of them! The multi-cryptocurrency wallet is here to allow you to trade a spectrum of cryptocurrencies and obviously in the most secure and smooth way possible.

  • Multi-language Support Amplify the global reach of your Cryptocurrency exchange software all over the map by using multi-language support. The software’s UI provides the best UX for a myriad of languages as per the choice of traders.

  • Bot Trading Bringing to you the seamless power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with automatic and smart bot trading! Our smart bot sifts through all the real-time market opportunities and trades assets all the time even when the users are not available for trading.

  • Trade Estimator An accurate conversion of different currencies is just a toggle away with this powerful add-on.

  • IEO Upgrade Embark upon creating an affiliated business venture by launching a secondary crowdfunding platform, and help entrepreneurs to list their tokens. More funds can be raised by launching an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in the market.

Our Way Of Developing An Industry-leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency has become the soul of profits and the virtual world, because of its distinct value in the market and ever-changing worth. Their purchase is increasing every day as newbies are entering the market every second, round the clock. But it cannot happen efficiently until there is a separate platform that can manage it all. That is when the cryptocurrency exchange platform walks in!

As an early bird in the crypto market, we are offering the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange development services that support top currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin (BNB), Ripple, Dogecoin, and more. To help entrepreneurs align with the trend, we help them launch a Bitcoin trading script and integrate various digital wallets into the platform for executing peer-to-peer transactions.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

The Golden Path To Success Is Just Here! Tap Into Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Service Soon.

How Do We Help You To Launch A Splendid Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

  • High Volume Of Liquidity We integrate the white-label Cryptocurrency exchange software with high-volume liquidity, so that price fluctuations and their consequences would not be suffered!

  • Multiple Payment Modes Our cryptocurrency trading platform supports multiple payment modes for an processing transactions instantly leading to a world-class trading experience.

  • Multi-Currency Wallets & Multi-Security Features Integrations like multi-level security features and multi-currency wallets are nothing short of the advanced and amazing traits of our Bitcoin trading platform.

  • Comprehensive Customization Our experts will guide you through cloud deployment and monitoring. But let us not forget to also note that we give you maximum space to fully customize the exchange website. Adding to it, you can also develop a mobile app for hassle-free trading of assets.

Our Bitcoin Exchange Software Development Process

  • 1

    Breaking Down The Requirements Our experienced and quick-witted business analysts will analyze the product requirements, their features to deliver a successful product.

  • 2

    Infusing An Appealing Design We employ attractive design to let the world see a top-class product and get to experience the best crypto trading.

  • 3

    Developing The Exchange Platform Our development team will then start to work for their dab hands at developing a fully automated crypto exchange platform to enter the market.

  • 4

    End-to-end testing We then test the product for any bugs or glitches that might affect its performance and dust it away with our strict tests.

  • 5

    Finishing Off With Deploying Finally, we launch your crypto exchange website that complements all your requirements and makes it available for the world to leverage.

Why Choose Us For Bitcoin Exchange Platform Development?

As a leading Crypto exchange development company in the field for decades, we can say with pride that we have a high score of developing result-driven white-label Bitcoin trading scripts. Our well-versed developers are best in what they do and have created the most secure and trusted software. We create the safest wallets that could support multiple platforms and multi-currency transactions. Basically, you get power-packed services! We provide

  • Custom cryptocurrency trading script development services.
  • Advanced blockchain-based cryptocurrency techniques.
  • Round-the-clock maintenance and technical support.
  • High liquidity trading platform.
  • Glitch-free crypto exchange solutions.

Pour In Your Ideas & That is All We Need For Developing An Industry-leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Software.

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